Deaconess Associations Incorporated

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About Deaconess

Who We Are

The Deaconess legacy is one of compassionate care in the Christian tradition that has enhanced Greater Cincinnati’s health and well-being through hospital and specialty healthcare services since 1888.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, today Deaconess is a diversified, not-for-profit enterprise managing a $500 million portfolio of health services, programs, investments and community grant initiatives in Greater Cincinnati and across the country.

We search for new ways to improve people’s health while lowering costs through research, new technologies and consumer education. We believe that today’s healthcare yields the best outcomes when concentrated on improving access to care, encouraging prevention and supporting wellness initiatives. Our investments and programs reflect this philosophy.

Our business success also enables us to make a range of social investments.  Deaconess’ social investments reach people where they live and help meet otherwise unmet needs. We support causes that directly and immediately save lives, satisfy unmet health needs, and improve the quality of lives we touch.

Deaconess is not affiliated with other healthcare systems.

Looking to Tomorrow

We believe visionary people ignite new opportunities: their passion fuels new ways of thinking and better outcomes. Supporting people and initiatives that transform this vision into reality will continue to guide our own actions, as we work every day to help save lives and enhance life.